Episode 2 – Industry Insights

Part 1: Brennan Value-Add Approach To Manufacturing

Brennan Value Add Approach To Manufacturing

4 Ways You Should Be Benefiting from Your Supplier Relationships

As OEM procurement departments develop strong supplier relationships they gain a solid understanding of the suppliers’ business, products and services, ultimately fostering a dependable partnership.

Part 2: Kanban; The Tailored Supply Chain Solution

Kanban – The Tailored Supply Chain Solution

Strong Supply Chain & Strong Business

According to a survey by Deloitte, organisations with superior supply chain capabilities demonstrate significantly above average performance on both revenue growth and EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) when compared to industry average.

Part 3: Creating A Perpetually Lean Partnership

Creating A Perpetually Lean Partnership

Identifying Hidden Cost Overruns in Your Supply Chain

The cost of components and managing the supply can represent a large portion of the final equipment costs.  Mismanagement of the supply chain can spiral out of control by incurring higher product and production costs, inventory overruns and strangling cash flow.

Part 4: Environmentally Friendly Kanban Returnable Bins

Environmental Friendly Kanban Returnable Bins

The Proven Benefits of a Distributed Manufacturing Model

Localised manufacturers with their own designers, manufacturing engineers and labor force create an interconnected ecosystem that encourages development and growth of the local economy.