Career Opportunities

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Why Brennan?


Brennan believes it is important to treat every employee as a member of our family.  Since our founding in 1953, Brennan has continued to grow its family to over 500 employees worldwide but still maintains the positive aspects of a small business. Walk through the Brennan facilities and you will see everyone’s doors open. We believe that this creates an inclusive environment for open discussion between employees of any level. Our open-door policy allows for innovation in the workplace in every facet, we see our work-space as an area to learn and grow from each other, not only professionally, but also personally.

Global Network:

Brennan consists of over 16 facilities worldwide with our Global Headquarters being location in Solon, Ohio (US). Being part of Brennan you would have an exposure to our international market in numerous different settings, from interacting with our manufacturing facility in China, our offices in the United Kingdom, or even trying to bring in new clients from abroad and everything in between. Brennan has continued to expand its global presence every year and we invite you to help us continue this trend.


Brennan has prided itself on reliability for over 70 years. Our parts have been reliable to customers due to our detailed quality control process that is undergone by every single part that goes out to a customer. Our employees have been reliable for their hard work and dedication to our company and our company is reliable back to the employees through our annual bonuses, job security, and doing what is said will be done. 

Our Values


Quality of Product, service, and people. We believe that to be successful quality must transcend all parts of a company.


Brennan believes that a positive culture is necessary to a company as it is in a family. At a Brennan, every day is meant to be seen as empowering.


We believe it is important for a person to grow as an individual both professionally and personally while at Brennan. Our environment promotes growth of the person from the openness of every employee. 

Apprenticeships and Internships

Brennan believes in partnering with local schools, colleges and universities to develop apprenticeship and internship programmes. We pride ourselves in offering opportunities that will allow students to be fully engaged within their department and to take on projects that will not only benefit the organisation, but will also help give them exposure to a true business environment.

Career Opportunities

Current Vacancies:

Team Testimonials

“I love being able to suggest ideas for continuous improvement methods that will help the business to grow and be more efficient. Having Management that listen and welcome ideas means I feel valued and appreciated.”

Fiona Hutchinson, Customer Service Representative

“Brennan has been a great place to kick start my career, with everyone at Brennan being incredibly supportive I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds”

Daniel McAteer, Business Development Manager

“Brennan has allowed me to use my previous engineering experience to work my way up to the role of Quality Technician. I am proud to work for a company that takes quality seriously.”

Anthony Wall, Quality Technician