Brennan Industries stands firmly on four pillars, embodying our commitment to unparalleled service: Availability, Quality, Support, and Innovation. This commitment translates into swift access to solutions through our global network of 16 distribution centers and an extensive inventory of over 120,000 fittings. Meeting ISO 9001 standards, our products are not only numerous but built to last, ensuring unmatched reliability for your needs. Beyond transactions, we foster a collaborative environment in the hydraulic ecosystem by empowering our partners through continuous education. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Brennan seamlessly extends into your business, breaking barriers as we redefine your hydraulic fittings experience. These four pillars at Brennan are more than principles; they form the foundation of a partnership grounded in trust, reliability, and progress. Experience excellence with Brennan Industries, where availability, quality, support, and innovation converge to elevate your hydraulic fittings experience.